How to Play

How to bet on ScorePesa

Age: You must be above 18 years of age to play on ScorePesa. All the terms and conditions provides in the terms page apply

Registration: Via SMS, Send SMS 'REGISTER' to 29008 or via web log on to and create acccount via Register Now link

Deposit : From PAYBILL 290080, Account SCOREPESA you may deposit any amount upto KSH 70,000. Once you have an account with You may deposit via deposit link on

Balance :Via web; While logged in balance will display in the top right corner, Via SMS send word BALANCE to 29008

Bet: You may bet via any channel provided for by ScorePesa including WEB, USSD, SMS or ScorePesa App

You may subscribe to receive SMS with upcoming games by sending word FOOTBALL to 29008. Once you receive the games follow the example provided to place bet via SMS. General format is ID#PICK#STAKE

The Games will also be listed on from where you can visit and bet online

SMS Betting shortcuts

To get TOP MATCHES Send SMS 'GAMES' to 29008

3 Way, Single match; ID#PICK#AMOUNT

3 Way, Multiple matches; ID1#PICK1#ID2#PICK2#ID3#PICK3#....#STAKE

Double Chance (DC); Prefix DC e.g DC12, DC1X, DCX2

Both teams to Score; Prefix GG (True), NG (False)

Totals Over & Under; Prefix ov25 or o25 - For over 2.5 and un25 or u25 for under 2.5

Note: Where playing Prefix like in case above create your SMS as ID#Prefix#STAKE e.g 123#GG#50 or 123#NG#50 to place bet on Both teams to score True and False respectively

Winners: All winnings will be deposited in the account and user will be notified of their winnings. Users are free to access their winnings via all channels provided by scorepesa including SMS, Web, USSD

Withdrawal; SMS W#AMOUNT to 29008. Withdrawal link is also available on for online withdrawals. Note; Respective withdrawal charges apply

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